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Travel photography

About me

Hello and welcome to my travel photography website

As you can probably tell from the map above, Asia and the Middle East are my favourite locations for travel photography. I’m more at home in cities and urban spaces than the rural or remote, and I love photographing architecture, both modern and historical, as well as seeking out portraits, people and patterns. I’m also fascinated by eastern religions and find spiritual cities like Varanasi or holy sites such as Shwedagon Paya in Yangon offer endless inspiration.


I studied history of art at university which taught me invaluable lessons in composition and colour theory, and after some encouragement from a successful photographer, I took a year’s course in digital imaging to learn more about the technical side, with a view to focusing on travel photography. I enjoy travelling solo as I’m constantly distracted by the endless photo opportunities on offer in this region, from a colourful antique door, to eye-catching textiles in a local bazaar, or a strikingly photogenic face. I often add a human element to architectural photos, to bring the image to life and help show context and a sense of proportion: it’s become one of my favourite styles, which I use a lot while travelling.


Before setting off, I spend a lot of time researching locations, timings, lighting and weather (I’ve still been stranded a few times after a night shoot though!) I always aim for the best available light, and so I often revisit the same place a few times. Equipment wise, I actually don’t use anything expensive looking or heavy (it can be stressful travelling solo and lugging around too much equipment ), a Sony A7ii with a standard 28-70mm, and a Manfrotto tripod (I left my last one in the back of a taxi in Casablanca, luckily it was a cheap one!).


My photography is available for purchase. For more information about buying a print, or for information regarding high resolution files please contact me directly.