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Travel photography
About me

My favourite regions are without a doubt Asia and the Middle East. One of things I find most inspiring about travelling with a camera in this part of the world is capturing the amazing colours. From golden stupas, to turquoise mosaics to fuchsia saris and saffron-robed monks; these countries possess such vibrant and unusual hues it’s hard to believe they exist.

Studying history of art at university taught me invaluable lessons in composition and colour theory and after some encouragement from a successful photographer, I took a year’s course in digital imaging to learn more about the technical side, with a view to specialising in travel photography.

I enjoy travelling solo as I’m constantly scanning around for unusual artistic scenes, a doorway or arch could provide a perfect frame, or a collection of objects might translate into an eye-catching pattern. I also like to add a human element to a landscape or architectural shot to give a sense of scale and context.  I find myself imagining each photo I take as an individual framed print.

Before setting off, I spend a lot of time researching locations, timings, lighting and weather (I’ve still been stranded a few times after a night shoot though!) I always aim for the best available light and so I often revisit the same place a few times. Equipment wise, I actually don’t use anything expensive looking or heavy (it can be stressful lugging around too much equipment and travelling solo), a Sony A7ii with a standard 28-70mm, and a Manfrotto Befree tripod (I left my last one in the back of a taxi in Casablanca!)

My photography is available for purchase. For more information about buying a print or for information regarding high resolution files please contact me directly.




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